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Black & White Photography

Dave Beckerman:NYC photographer. Fine art black and white photography

New York City History Founded in 1975 by Christopher Gray, the Office for Metropolitan History provides research on New York City buildings, and embraces a synthetic approach to historical data, bringing together disparate sources in individual collections. Typical projects involve document recovery and reports with a wide variety of purposes, for engineers, architects, lawyers and anyone interested in the evolution of New York's built environment.
Upper West Side Story A History and Guide by Peter Salwen

The Destruction of Lower Manhattan, 1967 by Danny Lyon

The Destruction of Lower Manhattan presents vintage photographs by acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Danny Lyon. Created between 1966 and 1967, Lyon's photo essay addresses the demolition of some 60 acres of mostly 19th-century buildings below Canal Street. Lyon photographed virtually every building that was to be torn down to make room for the World Trade Center, as well as the workers involved in the demolition, in images that have new meaning in the wake of 9/11.
Museum of the City of New York
Forgotten New York-
This site is your gateway to a New York City that existed long ago -- and still exists in a hidden form today.
New York Historical Society
One of the largest repositories of images of the neighborhoods of Queens County of the City of New York.
New York City Walk- "Over a Two Year Period , I walked every street on the island of Manhattan. Every darn street. Here you'll find images of the walk and Manhattan 'off the beaten path'. Also an interactive map of my favorite streets. "
Brooklyn Collectibles ( has offered high-quality photographic views of Brooklyn and New York City neighborhoods to the public since 1980. Assembled by author and local historian Brian Merlis, the archives boast thousands of images of theatres, high schools, Coney Island, Ebbets Field, trolleys, railroads and subways, stores, and regular street scenes. Pictures are mostly from the 1890 to 1965 era. A comprehensive collection of thousands of old Brooklyn photographs.

Vintage Photography, Antiques and miscellaneous sites

Recycled Relatives-Selling vintage Victorian photographs of the people of yesteryear. Also offers antique photo reproductions and note cards.
The Thom Hindle Collection- Historic prints from the original vintage negative, hand colored.
This is my brother's site. If you live in the NYC area and need custom made furniture, his work is outstanding. This is also the home of Mona Gorilla!
Painted Poses:Madeline Meryash's paintings encompass a range of genres including traditional portraiture, figures, landscapes, and still lifes. If there is a common theme, it is the depiction of fun, leisure-time activities and a nostalgia for times gone by which we now perceive fondly, if not accurately, as safer, more friendly and less stressful.
Junk Store Cameras-One of the most entertaining photographic sites!

Black and White Darkroom

Black & White Darkroom-"I have written this web page with the hope of sharing my knowledge of the Black and White Darkroom and all of its wonders. In doing so, I hope that you will come to enjoy your hobby more and become a better printer and photographer."
DarkroomSource is dedicated to photography darkrooms, with over 100 articles about building darkrooms and accessories, and darkroom techniques.

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