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Some Great Photographic Books on Old New York City

Title Description information
cover The 1967 documentation, in photographs, of the destruction of 60 acres of lower Manhattan in the name of urban renewal. For Lyon, these buildings in their last days standing were the embodiment of a beauty and pathos that people walking by in the street seldom noticed at the time. Those feelings were preserved in the photographs that today survive exactly as the young author intended, as a memory and a record of what was. Destruction of Lower Manhattan
cover Christopher Gray's engaging tales of historic Gotham locales transport readers back in time for a stroll through the streets of old New York. The noted architectural historian, who writes the popular "Streetscapes" column in The New York Times, here gathers 190 of the best-loved of those columns to captivate readers with his wealth of information about sites and buildings and the intriguing lives of the people connected to them.

More than 300 black-and-white (often period) photographs depict the lavish and strange interiors and exteriors of the structures.

New York Streetscapes: Tales of Manhattan's Significant Buildings and Landmarks
cover Anyone familiar with Christopher Gray's Streetscapes column in the Sunday NY Times will love this compilation of his articles.

The column focuses on New York's official and unofficial landmarks and historic sites. Changing New York serves as a handbook on what still is discoverable, a eulogy for lost treasures, and a call to action on endangered sites. All this combined with Gray's knack for uncovering connections through his meticulous detective work.

110 B&W illustrations.

Changing New York: The Architectural Scene.
NYC during the 1940's 162 photographs show a multitude of facets of New York in the 1940's, the decade during which the city flourished and grew with incredible activity. The interesting, factual captions by John von Hartz convey a clear picture of what living in New York was like, giving us a background and explaining the problems, excitement and changes people faced. New York in the Forties by Andreas Feininger
New York in the Thirties Nearly 100 classic images by noted photographer: Rockefeller Center on the rise, Bowery restaurants, dramatic views of the City’s bridges, Washington Square, old movie houses, rows of old tenements laced with laundry, Wall Street, Flatiron Building, waterfront, many other landmarks. New York in the Thirties (Formerly...
Changing New York This book contains the complete WPA project by Berenice Abbott. It is the definitive photographic book on NYC during the depression. Berenice Abbott : Changing New York
New York at the Turn of the Century Here are 120 wonderful vintage views from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York. Remarkable for clarity, definition and detail, the prints comprise a richly evocative portrait of turn-of-the-century life—street scenes, parks, restaurants, commercial interiors, Easter Parade, Blizzard of ‘99, Coney Island, a dinner for Mark Twain, etc. Informative text. New York Life at the Turn of the Century...
Old New York in Early Photographs 196 Prints, 1853-1904 from the Collection of The New York Historical Society Old New York in Early Photographs :...
Gotham Comes of Age This book features 172 carefully selected images from a remarkable collection of more than 22,00 photographs. Divided loosely into themes, Gotham relies on the legacy of the Byron company to tell some of the stories that make New York and its citizens a boundless subject for authors, artists, historians, and all those interested in the city's rich history. Gotham Comes of Age : New York Through...
New York, Then and Now Watch New York change before your eyes: 83 early Manhattan sites are set against 83 modern photos taken from same position: Times Square, Wall Street, Fifth Avenue, many more. Early photographs from 1875 to 1925 contrasted with 1976. photos. New York Then and Now
Lost New York "Two kinds of people should Lost New York- those old enough to remember how New York once looked and those too young to know the New York they have missed"- New York Times Lost New York, Revised and Updated...
The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station With more than eighty vintage illustrations, this book evokes the beauty of a railroad palace designed to rival the Baths of Caracalla in Rome- and the mid-twentieth century forces that destroyed it. The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station
The Destruction of Penn Station The photographic documentation of the loss of one New York City's greatest landmarks The Destruction of Penn Station
The Empire State Building Photographic documentation of the building of a great landmark The Empire State Building
New York: An Illustrated History This is the book from the PBS series New York: An Illustrated History
The Picture Book of Greenwich Village A historical view of Greenwich Village accompanied by a rare collection of photographs, maps and etchings from 1664-1985 The Picture Book of Greenwich Village
Beaux-Arts Architecture in New York 140 photographs of some of New York’s most famous structures—the Flatiron building, Carnegie Hall, Grand Central Station, The Dakota apartment house, New York Public Library, the Waldorf and many more—designed in the classic Beaux-Arts style. Lively and informative introduction and captions. Beaux-Arts Architecture in New York : A...
New York in the Sixties Compelling photographs offer a vivid and varied tableau of daily life: shoppers, subways, Central Park, Coney Island, dozens of other revealing views of the city in the throes of far-reaching change. 159 photographs by Lehnartz. Captions by Talbot New York in the Sixties
NYC 5th Ave., 1911 from start to finish Panoramic views show landmarks like the New York Public Library, the Plaza Hotel, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Notes. Fifth Avenue, 1911, from Start to Finish...
cover This is a groundbreaking work that unearthed the contemporaneous understanding of events that, because of the advent of modernism, was never recorded in books. It has paved the way for more specialized studies, but its breadth of learning and expertise has never been surpassed.- An reviewer. New York 1900 : Metropolitan...
Gotham: A Hist. of NYC to 1898 Not really a photographic book but it is a very comprehensive history and fascinating reading. Gotham : A History of New York City to 1898
Picture history of the Brooklyn Bridge Profusely illustrated account of the greatest engineering achievement of the 19th century. Rare contemporary photos and engravings, accompanied by extensive, detailed captions, recall construction, human drama, politics, much more. 167 black-and-white illustrations. A Picture History of the Brooklyn Bridge
Old Queens, N.Y. in Early Photographs Rich harvest of rare photographs recalls "good old days" in Maspeth, Jamaica, Astoria, Jackson Heights, other areas. Vintage views include DeWitt Clinton mansion, hotel where Washington slept (1790), plus recent landmarks—Astoria Studios, 1939 World’s Fair, more. Captions. 261 prints. Old Queens, N.Y. in Early Photographs...
Ben Shahn's New York He shot what he called the "living theatre"-the unconscious expression of working class and immigrant populations on NYC streets-and left a poignant record of the worst years of the Great Depression. The point this really good book makes is that, paintings aside, Shahn's photographs have strong impact and intrinsic value. Shahn's view of NYC ignores the skyscrapers and bridges that many of his contemporaries fixed on and gives us NYC at street level, eye level. Ben Shahn's New York: The Photography of Modern Times

Books on Vintage Photography

Title Description information
Besides it being a book of great old photographs of children, it is also a excellent reference for determining the age of photos. Children's Fashions of the Past, in photographs.
cover If you like looking at old photographs with haunting, austere faces staring out from stilled figures in 19th-century garb, this book is worth every penny. The photos in this volume are incredibly evocative and encompass a wide range of people from various walks of life. The photos are nicely presented, with one large picture per page accompanied by an extensive caption that explains the clothing/fashion details reflected in the picture. This is one of those books that I return to again and again because I love what it does to my imagination, in terms of stimulating my ideas regarding both Victorian-era costuming and a way of life that is long since vanished.-An reviewer. Dressed for the Photographer : Ordinary...
Amrican victorian costume Over 280 rare photographs document the clothing of ordinary men, women and children from the 1840s through the 1890s, in what appears to be their Sunday best. Bustles, hoops, pantalets, shirtwaists, top hats, waistcoats, bowlers, other Victorian-era attire, as well as hairdressing and tonsorial styles. Indispensable for any student of costume, fashion, early photography. Introduction to fashions of each decade. American Victorian Costume in Early...
Victorian and Edwardian fashion Noted photo-historian documents bonnets, capes, caps, shawls, bodices and crinolines as people actually wore them—from 1840 to 1914. 235 early photos show aristocrats and the middle class (as well as Oscar Wilde, Lily Langtry, G. B. Shaw, Queen Victoria, etc.). A commentary and annotations to the photos describe and identify the costumes. Victorian and Edwardian Fashion : A...
The Victorians : Photographic Portraits This fascinating book tells an invaluable and amusing history of Victorian portrait photography. It is extensively illustrated with a great variety of appealing portraits, with captions explaining the pictures and often giving biographical details of the characters who gaze at us from another era. It also provides details for the general reader of the history and identification of photographs, explaing the context and meaning of the portraits handed down to us from our great-grandparents. The Victorians : Photographic Portraits
Collector's guide to early photographs From Daguerreotypes to Calotypes to Stereographs, this book contains everything you need to know about the history, the processes, and the variety of factors that make 19th century photographs collectable. Carefully written and designed to be THE photo collector's reference. Collector's Guide to Early Photographs

Black & White Darkroom Books

Title Description information Ansel Adams: The Print It covers the entire printmaking process, from designing and furnishing a darkroom and experimenting with your first print, to mastering advanced techniques such as developer modifications, toning, and bleaching, and burning and dodging. This thorough guide is filled with indispensable darkroom techniques and tips, and amply illustrated with photographs and technical drawings. It is an indispensable tool for mastering the complex art of photographic printmaking. The Print (Ansel Adams Photography, Book... Ansel Adams: The Negative Although more concerned with the actual taking of the photograph, it gives the reader a good understanding how differences in the negative will affect the final print. The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography,... Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice Offers detailed information and instructions for printing from b&w negatives, for professional, freelance, and advanced amateur photographers. Coverage includes principles of processing, processing the negative, exposing and processing the print, print quality and stability, creative darkroom... Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice : A... Black & White Photographic Printing In this book you have very specific instructions, details, data on how other artists printed their work. very well done, very well documented. concise yet useful. highly reviewer Black & White : Photographic Printing...

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